How to Clean Mouse Sensor? - Updated (2022)

How to Clean Mouse Sensor?

How to Clean Mouse Sensor

When your mouse started to act really weird or when you moved your mouse in gaming and you felt like your mouse has negative acceleration. Even this, you have tried so many things to your mouse but happened nothing such as you have tried to reinstall your driver or jacked your cable and tried different USB slots but still nothing.

This Pick Mouse teaches you how to clean the mouse sensor. The mouse has a light on a mouse on its bottom that the sensor senses it changes in position. Cleaning your mouse at least once per month or after 20 days will neglect issues like stuttering, tracking failure and clicking issues, etc.

There are the following steps that you have to follow and get rid of the issues like stuttering, tracking failure and clicking issues, etc. You should follow these steps to get the smooth and high sensitivity of your mouse.

How to clean mouse sensor


Equipment need:

  • Cotton buds-For cleaning the specific area. Or if possible take the microfiber cloth to clean after.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol For Sanitizing-For sanitizing and cleaning.
  • Dry Rags-For dusting or drying
  • Toothpicks or Office Pins-For cleaning out the dirt or dust particles around your Mouse sensor
  • Screwdriver or tester-It will be used for Opening your mouse bottom part or to reach your Mouse sensor. This will help you in How to clean the mouse sensor.
  • Tweezer or Small pickup tool-It is optional but it will help you a lot to get rid of small dust particles.



First of all, turn off the mouse or plug off the USB wired, or if you have a wireless mouse then You should disconnect the Bluetooth capability and turn off the wireless mouse.


This is the main step you should follow. This will prevent the mouse from Shocking you if you accidentally touch your finger or hand to the electric component of the mouse. And also from shocking if you spill liquid around or near it.

If you have a wireless mouse, remove the battery before continuing the cleaning.


Using Equipment:

Wipe the Whole mouse with a Dry damp cotton pad or bud.

This is just for cleaning the excess dust from the outside. You can also damp the Dry damp cotton pad or bud with water if your mouse is extremely dirty.



First of all, run a toothpick or office pin to out the dust from the crevices in the body of the mouse.

By doing hard, you will grime that might be causing the issue.

An Example: If you try running the office pin or toothpick beneath the buttons of the mouse you will remove any grit off the button from depressing the whole. This will help you with How to clean mouse sensor.



After following these steps then flip over the mouse. There will you see the Feet with a little rubber pad that works from preventing the hard hand.

And here comes the main part of the mouse that detects the sensitivity and the DPI rate which (sensor) will be covered in plastic or glass with green or red light like a laser.


Cleaning residue:

Use a toothpick to Chip away any residue or dust particles around the sensor of the mouse.


Using a Cotton bud:

Take the cotton bud or Q-tip from the equipment and dip it in the isopropyl alcohol and use this to wipe down the dirty parts of the mouse.


Little dampen:

Be careful You have to little dampen the Q-tip or Cotton bud into the isopropyl alcohol. The Q-tip or Cotton bud should not be dripping the alcohol.


Dab a Cloth or dab the grimy areas:

Dab a small amount of soap and water on the cloth to clean the sensor. After that Clean the places with a toothpick.


Cleaning bottom:

How to Clean Mouse Sensor

Clean places like The feet of the mouse and sides of the mouse including a rubber grip. Clean the crevices that you have cleaned with the toothpick. This will help you with How to clean the mouse sensor.


Swabbing the sensor of the Mouse:

First of all, brush the sensor with the tip of the cotton bud or cloth. Gently swab the sensor of the mouse with equipment. This will wash away the dust particles or residue that were interfering with the tracking of the mouse.



Now after cleaning with the alcohol. You have to wait to dry or evaporate the alcohol. The isopropyl alcohol should not take seconds, it takes more than a couple of minutes to finish it’s evaporating. If the alcohol is not drying, you can use a cotton bud to put away the excess of alcohol.



After drying, You can use the microfiber cloth to clean or swabbing the surface of the mouse. Swab the piece of the cloth to the whole bottom.


Removing matters:

You will find hair or small specks of grit around the sensor. You should remove any foreign matter around the sensor. You can also use a tweezer for it. This will help you with How to clean the mouse sensor.


Make sure:

After cleaning everything including the sensor makes sure that everything is fully dry. Keep looking up and give the mouse final inspection and Make sure that it should be completely clean and wipe by now.



After giving it a final inspection, Reassemble your mouse part and take screwdriver and screws to close the cover of the mouse. Close and reassemble your mouse. It should be completely cleaned by now.


Cleaning Mouse pad:

If you have a mouse pad then it does not matter how clean the mouse is -If your mouse pad is dirty and has dirt on the pad then it will inconsistently Lessing the tracking speed performance. You can clean your mouse pad by using Clorox or Lysol wipes.

Or you can also wipe it by using a wet rag. Some of the pads are washable. We can also wash them out by simply using the instruction given to them. This will help afterward to prevent sticky residue from forming. This will help you with How to clean mouse sensor. Why use a mouse pad?


Ø  Make sure that your mouse battery is out and if you are using a wired mouse plug off the USB wire from the USB port of your PC.

Ø  Do not spill the liquid near to the mouse or be careful to avoid using liquids near to the charging hole at the end of the mouse. Getting excess of the liquid on the mouse will harm it.

Ø  Avoid using rubbing alcohol to clean the mouse. By using this it could strip paint off your mouse. This will help you with How to clean mouse sensor.


1.       If you are using a cheap mouse that is still won’t work after cleaning the mouse which it won’t work anymore properly, Just consider it buy a new one. You can find the best simple and gaming mouse (Gaming Mouse With 4 Side Buttons) from our website. Check out the amazingly cool and High rate DPI Mouse at the cheapest rate from our website.

2.       If you are using a higher and good quality mouse (i.e RAZER) you can take it to the manufacturer department to have it fixed rather than pulling the top of the mouse off yourself. It happens less than the higher Good quality of the mouse slows their tracking progress.

3.       By cleaning your mouse at least once per month or after 20 days will neglect issues like stuttering, tracking failure and clicking issues, etc. This will help you with How to clean mouse sensor.

Still slow:

If you think that your mouse is still running slow, you can adjust the mouse settings by opening the System Preferences > Mouse.

By opening this, you can change the scroll direction, the smart zoom, sensitivity, and tracking system speed. By increasing the tracking speed, the cursor on the screen moves faster with less physical mouse movement.

There is no standard tracking speed, but every mouse has its own preference. By playing around with these settings you can adjust the sensitivity to what feels best for your needs.

Disinfecting The Mouse:

If you are using a mouse that is infected or you touch the mouse while eating snacks or any food then you should clean your mouse once per week. If one of these habits is in you then you have to clean it. Otherwise, all the attractions will go to. You can use Clorox or Lysol wipes to clean the whole mouse.

These wipes are available in every chemist shop or online. Because they are made for such a thing. If you are interested to clean the interior of the mouse you have to follow the steps that we already had discussed. You are better off cleaning the mouse regularly with a damp microfiber cloth and there will be no sign of residue, dust, or grime.

Rubbing coating:

If your mouse has a rubbing coating, there is a good possibility that rubbing the alcohol will dissolve all the coating altogether.

Our review:

You can increase your tracking speed if your tracking speed is slow. There are dust particles that are slowing down your tracking speed. We have discussed the steps by following these steps you can easily get rid of dust into your mouse. By following these instructions you will know a trick that How to clean mousesensor.

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