When to replace your Computer mouse - Updated (2021)

When to replace your Computer mouse - Updated (2021)

When to replace your Computer mouse

The mouses are the one of the most using hardware pieces that you will have your hands on. A regular mouse should easily 2 years of full-time use before needing to be replaced and only need to be replaced if it becomes damaged or creating issues.

Are you still using a regular mouse? If you do, you know that from time to time you have to replace your mouse because it may not work. You should keep reading to learn what these are confusing things that are a problem for your wired and wireless mouse.


For a simple computer user, it can be so long period and it could be 5 to 7 years depending on the mouse.

But in terms of gamers, it could be 2 to 3 years maximum. These are the average point of failure for a computer gaming mouse.

There are many problems that occur in the wired or wireless mouse, some of them can be fixable.

Problems Occurring in Mouse:

1. Button is not working:

A regular mouse usually has two buttons. One is right click and left click and the button in the middle of the mouse use for the scrolling.

Right Click:

It is used to select an item or open the item by just double-clicking.

Left Click:

It is used to open the properties or many functions related to the icon.


It is usually used to scroll or move the page in the document.

Eventually, one of these buttons goes bad or depressed. For example, sometimes you try to click and nothing happened.

One of the facts is it usually does not stop working completely, it works sometimes completely. It will likely begin working again when it is completely idle or not working.

2. Unnecessary movement:

Sometimes using a mouse, you will also notice something that it will randomly throw a cursor into the corner of the screen. This also happens in the touchpad of the laptop or if your mouse pad is dirty.

If you have already watched the videos or articles to clean the mouse and you have tried so many experiments to your mouse but nothing happens and if the issue continues, it could be a laser that is not working well. It could be a problem if you are using the mouse for the detail work, such as photoshop or gaming.

3. Stops cursor:
When to replace your Computer mouse

One of the main and the most problematic issue is that it stops working or stops the cursor in the middle of the screen. Switching off and on the cable is much more common. And the cable of your mouse can be degradable over time if you are using the wired mouse.

You can also restart the computer and see if your mouse cursor is restored or not. If your mouse cursor is not still working after rebooting or restarting the computer. There can be issues with the software or hardware of your computer. But in many cases, the rebooting of your computer can help things settle down such as the freezing of your mouse cursor.


If you are still having the issue you can check the software. If the software (Driver) of your mouse is too old. You can update the software manually or automatically. By this, you can check the software of your mouse. If the update is not available you can reinstall the mouse driver software or by updating simply going to the manufactures website of your mouse.


If you are still having an issue you can check the hardware. For checking the hardware, looked at all the connected wires or ports. If the mouse cable is not at the position you can plug off and, on the cable, or you can also change the port of your mouse cable. The issue could be in bad wiring or a faulty USB port.             

4. Random clicks:

We all know that the mouse is the most used hardware in the world. With every PC comes a mouse that is well used. If the validity of the mouse is about to end you will notice the problem that the random clicks that you did not do.

Sometimes a mouse goes bad or worse. And It does some random clicks which are really bad for us if you do some detailed work such as 3D modeling.

5. Low sensitivity:

If the movement of your mouse is not working smoothly, the issue or problem could not be in your sensor area of being dirt or dusty.

The sensitivity of your mouse goes down when you do not use the mouse pad and instead of the mouse pad if you are using the mouse on the surface of the glass or unsmooth surface the sensor of your mouse will ruin inconsistently and the life of the mouse will go down. The mouse does not work on the glossy surface or unsmooth surface. By using the mouse pad will help to eliminate this problem and maybe fix your problem if you are using the mouse without a mouse pad.

6. Clicking the mouse once and it clicks more than once:

While using your clicks the mouse right or left button once and it clicks more than once. This happens many times when you are using the mouse or while in gaming and it can ruin your game. This is the main thing that your mouse starts tiring. We know that every button on the mouse has its own role-play, on mouses with extra buttons, those buttons are not always the most important such as gaming mouse has many buttons and it can be broken without most people having to worry about it and it should not be considered as a reason for immediate replacement of your mouse.



There are the fixes that may fix your mouse. If these fixes cannot solve the issue then you should replace your mouse:

1. Clean the sensor:

This PickMouse teaches you how to clean the mouse sensor. The mouse has a light on a mouse on its bottom that the sensor senses it changes in position. Cleaning your mouse at least once per month or after 20 days will neglect issues like stuttering, tracking failure and clicking issues, etc.

When to replace your Computer mouse

If you are facing that your Mouse pointer moves erratically or the mouse cursor does not respond to your movement rapidly or the mouse stops working after a certain period of use or not detected.

Then you should clean your mouse sensor. We had discussed it already on our website. Go and check How to clean the sensor of the wireless mouse briefly described (How to clean mouse sensor).

2.Keep the mouse pad clean:

First of all, the dirty mouse pad could slow your mouse. If you have a mouse pad then you should clean the mouse pad clean.

When to replace your Computer mouse

If you have a mouse pad then it does not matter how clean the mouse is -If your mouse pad is dirty and has dirt on the pad then it will inconsistently Lessing the tracking speed performance. You can clean your mouse pad by using Clorox or Lysol wipes. Or you can also wipe it by using a wet rag. Some of the pads are washable. We can also wash them out by simply using the instruction given to them. This will help afterward to prevent sticky residue from forming. This will help you in How to clean a mouse sensor.

When to Replace your Computer Mouse:

You have now excellent and a good idea in your mind of when to replace your computer mouse with the information we have discussed above.

We all know that the mouse has an important part of any computer system. Make sure that it is working properly and there will be no issue that must be dealt with it.

You should replace your mouse if you are having a problem with the mouse even after fixing it:

  • Sticky buttons
  • Scroll wheel getting finicky
  • Random clicks you did not do
  • Cursor throws into the corner
  • Clicking the button but it does not click
  • Clicking the mouse but it clicks more than once
  • If you are using the mouse for above 3 years then you should replace it immediately.

These are the two main reasons to replace the mouse: -

For Gamers:

We all know that a mouse is a necessary tool for gamers, or most people using a computer. We will recommend the gamers to replace it after the 2 years when the warranty of the mouse is usually over.

For Users:

We all know that the mouse is a very necessary tool for the user who uses the mouse for the detail working such as 3D modeling or Adobe photoshop.


·         Sometimes, it is possible to expectancy the life of your mouse if you are using the wireless mouse 20%.

For Example:

If you replace the battery of your mouse after one month, you can expect the life of your mouse. Sometimes, this trick can keep your mouse working a bit longer.

·         By cleaning the mouse, you can also expectance the life if you keep your mouse and mouse pad clean. We have written this before you can go and check how to clean the mouse from our blog website by simply going to the categories of the website. 

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Our review:

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