How to Disable DPI Button on Mouse - Updated (2022)

How to Disable DPI Button on Mouse - Updated (2021)

how to disable dpi button on mouse

What is the DPI of a mouse?

First of all, it has to be clear that DPI stands for Dot per linear inch. As our site is about mice we have to tell the information about Mouse DPI. It is the standard Unit (SI units) that is used to measure the sensitivity such as Mouse Sensitivity. Dpi is the rate of sensitivity that a device (Mouse For iPads) can detect easily. There comes a lot of mice that have a built-in dpi rate but with every passing day, we all know that many companies are now launching the dpi switch button on the mouse that is used to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse. By changing the DPI, you can in a split second change pointer speed for accuracy assignments, for example, in-game focusing on or photograph altering. After all these, it gives birth to a question that we have changed the dpi but how to disable the dpi button on the mouse (Wired & Wireless).

How to disable dpi button on mouse (Wired & Wireless)

DPI button arbitrarily high or low for unknown reasons and your mouse (Wired & Wireless) sensitivity will be higher and lower and it's kinda confusing. So your inquiry is how to disable DPI button on mouse?

We have to clear that there is no button on the mouse that you can easily disable dpi of your mouse but we have also the solution for that you must follow:

  • Firstly, you have to download the specific software via link below⬇️

Download Logitech G Hub Software

  • Secondly, after downloading the software. This software will automatically detect your mouse (Logitech). If your mouse is not Logitech then there is no worry. You can download that specific software via the link below⬇️

FinalMouse Software

  • The third step is that there you will see your mouse icon then tap on your mouse icon, and from the left side, click on the + symbol (Assignments alternative).
  • Presently, you can see the 3D plan of your mouse, and you can likewise see which mouse button does what function.
  • The fourth step will be that you simply need to search for the DPI button on the mouse. As you can find in my mouse, there are DPI all over the switch.
  • The fifth step is to tap on the DPI button in Logitech and you"ll get the alternative to 'disable' it. Do it for both here and there switch.

By this method, you can get rid of the question of how to disable dpi button on the mouse.


  1. Your mouse can be wired or wireless. These programs Software works for both. It detects your mouse and then tells the functions and settings according to your mouse model number and functions.
  2. When you 'Disable' DPI Button on Logitech Mouse, you won't ready to change mouse affectability through the dpi button any longer through mouse (Wired & Wireless).
  3. Along these lines, to change the mouse (Wired & Wireless) sensitivity through Logitech G Hub programming, click on Sensitivity (DPI) button. What's more, here you can tap and change mouse DPI without any problem. You can change the dpi of your mouse (Wired & Wireless) via the software Logitech G Hub programming according to your need. You have to understand these rules to get the answer of how to disable dpi button on mouse. 

For example:

  • You want to set the dpi sensitivity 800 instead of 1000, then you can easily change mouse dpi to 800 through software.

Is High Dpi of your mouse (Wired & Wireless) good or not?

how to disable dpi button on mouse
There comes a lot of questions the high dpi of the mouse (Wired & Wireless) is good or bad? It also gives birth to the question of how to disable dpi button on mouse (Wired & Wireless).
A higher DPI isn't in every case better. You don't need your mouse cursor to fly right across the screen when you move your mouse a smidgen. Then again, a higher DPI setting assists your mouse with distinguishing and react to more modest developments so you can point at things all the more precisely. For instance, suppose you're playing a first-individual shooter game (PUBG). While zooming in with an expert M-24 or AWM and attempting to point unequivocally at little focuses on, a high DPI of your Gaming mouse (Wired & Wireless) could be significant by permitting you to easily point with little mouse developments. When playing the game regularly without a zoomed-in, this high DPI might be excessively touchy. This is the reason some top of the line gaming mouse have catches that you can flick to switch between DPI settings on the fly when playing a game and after that, you search the question of how to disable dpi button on mouse on google.

What is the dpi button on our mouse (Wired & Wireless)?

how to disable dpi button on mouse

DPI means "Dots Per linear Inches". To put it plainly, this is the speed at which the mouse proceeds onward your screen corresponding to you truly moving the mouse. Most mice move generally about 800DPI (Default) as a matter of course. This is viewed as the standard speed of any regular mouse (Wired & Wireless). Well, that is to say if you actually move the mouse 1 straight or linear inch, the mouse on the screen will move around 800 dots long. 

Expanding the DPI means that equivalent inch you truly moved the mouse compares to more distance on the screen. Also, obviously diminishing the DPI brings about less distance went on screen. 

On the off chance that a mouse has a DPI button, it simply means that you can change the speed of the mouse's on-screen developments on the fly by basically squeezing the software as we have discussed Logitech G Hub Programming Software. Most mice that have devoted DPI catches have preset DPI arrangements. Regularly programming will permit you to alter the DPI presets as you, the client, wishes. Yet, most mice that have committed DPI catches will frequently come preset with 3 speeds; Slow (400 DPI), standard (800 DPI), quick (1200 DPI or above). Precisely what these DPI estimations are will fluctuate from production to make, however on the off chance that you press the DPI button, at that point move the mouse, you ought to immediately see an opportunity in your actual mouse developments and the distance the mouse goes on-screen dependent on those equivalent minutes.

What is the best DPI of the mouse for gamers and as well as for regular use?

how to disable dpi button on mouse
What is the ideal or basic DPI for normal use as well as for gaming? You can likewise allude to these suggested settings for the regular kinds of PC games.
Best DPI of mouse guide for True Gamers
  1. You need to set the DPI for your mouse between 1000 DPI to 1800 DPI for regular use and as well as for games like RPG such as PUBG, FORTNITE, etc.
  2. A lower 400 DPI to 1000 DPI is best and well for FPS Shooting Games such as Call of Duty, Far cry, etc. 
  3. You just need 400 DPI to 800 DPI for simple games such as Need For Speed, Sims 4, etc. 
  4. A 1000 DPI to 1200 DPI is the best setting for Simulating games such as GTA V, Sims, etc.
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If you are a true gamer then you really know what I am talking about! Comment down below if you are a true Gamer and have played those games before!

In light of these proposals, you will see that a 16000 DPI-mouse would already be able to be pointless excess for a large portion of these games. However, on account of their capacity of moving settings with simply a press of a catch, they can be very acceptable when you are playing various types of games. This implies you can undoubtedly focus on exactness throughout affectability any time you need it. Be that as it may, if you keep a lower DPI setting frequently, you should pick a greater mouse pad! and the answer of how to disable dpi button on mouse is above⬆️

How can I Adjust DPI on Windows for Gaming?

how to disable dpi button on mouse
On the off chance that you game on a Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7) PC, open the control panel. Find and select the mouse symbol. If you can't discover the mouse symbol, switch your control board view to "icon" see by choosing the Category tab. Find and select the pointer choices at the highest point of the mouse settings. Change the mouse's (Wired & Wireless) pointer speed in the Motion segment of the mouse (Wired & Wireless) settings. You can alternatively cripple the pointer accuracy setting to back the mouse off. This accuracy setting makes your mouse pointer move at various lengths relying upon how quickly you move the mouse or trackpad. Test the new pointer speed. Whenever you've discovered your ideal setting, apply all progressions to save.

How can I adjust DPI on MacOs for Gaming?

how to disable dpi button on mouse
On the off chance that you game on a MacOS PC, open the Apple menu. Find and select System Preferences. Then, find and select the mouse or trackpad menu. On a MacBook PC, you will choose the Trackpad choice. In the "Point and Click" tab, you can change the following rate slider to back off or speed up your mouse. On an iMac work area, clients will choose the Mouse choice and change the mouse's pointer speed as needs are. Make sure to test the new settings and leave the System Preferences window to save any changes.
How can I adjust the new dpi settings of my mouse?
There comes a lot of questions about changing or checking the dpi of your mouse. Once you change the settings you will able to know about your mouse (Wired & Wireless) DPI here is the solution of how to change the dpi rate of my mouse:
  • If your mouse has a DPI on-the-fly button on the sides, press one of the DPI On-the-fly button to make new settings for each DPI button. The mouse LCD will momentarily show the new DPI setting.

How can I analyze the DPI of my mouse?

Use an online DPI checker: 

You can use the online dpi analyzer to check your computer mouse DPI.
  • On the off chance that you actually can't discover your mouse's DPI, utilize this online DPI analyzer to estimate the worth. 
  • To utilize it, you initially need to go into Windows mouse settings (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse) and snap on the Pointer Options tab.
  • Untick 'Enhance pointer precision' as this speeding up will deliver the estimation unimportant.
You can check the DPI of your mouse via DPI analyzer.


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Review of our site:

how to disable dpi button on mouse
Most expert gamers utilize a DPI setting somewhere in the range of 400 and 800. You may expect that a higher DPI means a more exact following, however that is not the situation. Your mouse ceaselessly tracks its situation around 500 to 1,000 times each second, yet the DPI setting permits you to calibrate the number of those followed positions factor into your mouse control. Indeed, even at a lower DPI setting, your mouse holds the entirety of that information and you will not lose any exactness of where you are moving your hand.
Final words:
I trust, this post gives you some potential techniques and you should try them independently and you are absolutely effective in the issue of how to disable dpi button on mouse.
Remember that few out of every odd producer and mouse has a devoted driver programming software. However, it merits checking on the off chance that you need to roll out customized improvements or changes. 
We hope this article had the option to help you in how to disable dpi button on mouse. Remember that DPI is adaptable — you don't need to adhere to one setting, try to commit various options for various changes.
Comment down ⬇️ below if you were facing this problem (How to disable dpi button on mouse).

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