How to use DPI button on Mouse? - Guide 2021

How to use DPI button on Mouse? - Guide 2021

How to use DPI button on mouse

What is Mouse DPI?

First, you must clear the DPI to represent the number of dots per linear inch.  Since our website is about the mouse, we must tell the information about the mouse DPI.  It is a standard unit (SI) for measuring sensitivity (eg, mouse sensitivity).  DPI is a sensitivity rate that can be easily detected by the device (mouse).  There are many mice with built-in dpi rates, but as time goes by, we all know that many companies now activate the dpi switch button on the mouse to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse. By changing the DPI, you can obtain a second changed pointer speed to obtain precision allocation, for example, focusing on or photographed in the game.  After all, it will give us a problem with DPI, but how to use DPI button on mouse.

How to use dpi button on mouse in Windows 10 - 8 - 7 - XP

How to use DPI button on mouse

Computer mice have indicator lights per second, usually called DPI.  It is used to test your mouse sensitivity so you can adjust the mouse cursor speed by adjusting the number of pixels per second of its movement.

Understand your DPI is particularly useful when playing video games, or using the software you want to place the cursor.  It also makes it easier to use widescreen monitors and multiple displays. 


All methods of this article can be implemented by anyone, because our guide is easy to follow and do not need any Windows 10, 8, 7, XP experience.  If you know anyone who has problems with your system, please don't forget to recommend us!

Although most people don't care about DPI, this is important for those who play video games.  Especially in first-person shooter (FPS) titles, many understand the perfect DPI settings for precise aiming.  Here are a few ways you can change the mouse DPI, then check the current DPI and always remember which settings are the best.

DPI button discretionarily high or low for obscure reasons and your mouse (Wired and Wireless) affectability will be higher and lower and it's kinda confounding, so your request is how to use DPI button on mouse? 

We need to clear that there is no catch on the mouse that you can undoubtedly impair dpi of your mouse yet we have additionally the answer for that you should follow: 

Most of the inquiries we had received are about Logitech Mouse. So, we will discuss here Logitech mouse, you can use this example for your mouse.

Use DPI button:

How to use DPI button on mouse

  1. Download Logitech G Hub. You can download the specific software of your mouse if you are using RAZER, ZOWIE, LOGITECH.
  2. The software will automatically detect the mouse (Logitech).  If your mouse is not Logitech, no need to worry.
  3. The third step is that you will see the mouse icon here, then click on the mouse icon, and then click the + symbol ("Alternate" option) from the left.
  4. Currently, you can see the 3D plan view of the mouse, and you can also see which mouse button has something.
  5. The fourth step will be that you only need to search the DPI button on your mouse.  As you found in my mouse, there is DPI on the entire switch.
  6. The fifth step is to click on the DPI button in Logitech, you will get an alternative to "Disable". Here and there are switches.

With this method, you can get rid of how to use DPI button on your mouse.


Your mouse can be wired or wireless. These programs are suitable for both. It detects the mouse and then describes the function and settings according to the mouse model and function. When you use the "DPI" button on a Logitech mouse, you will no longer be prepared to change the mouse's influence via the dpi button (via wired and wireless).

Along these lines, change the mouse (wired and wireless) sensitivity through the Logitech G HUB, click the Sensitivity (DPI) button. More importantly, you can click here and change the mouse DPI without any problems.

You can change the mouse (wired and wireless) DPI by software Logitech G hub as needed.  You must understand these rules to get answers to how to use DPI button on your mouse.

For example:

You want to set DPI sensitivity to 800 instead of 1000, you can easily change the mouse DPI to 800 via software.

High DPI mouse:

There are many problems with the high DPIs of mice (wired and wireless). Is there a good or bad?  It also spawned the problem of how to disable the dpi button on the mouse (wired and wireless).  Every case is a better DPI.  When you move your mouse to SMIDGEN, you don't need the mouse cursor to fly on the screen.  Then, a higher DPI setting can help your mouse distinguish and react to more moderate developments, so you can speak more accurately.  For example, suppose you are playing the first-person shooting game (Pubg). Enlarge with expert M-24 or AWM and try to place a focus at a point, by allowing you to easily point to a few mouse developments, your game mouse (wired and wireless) high DPI may be important.  When playing games regularly without zooming in, this high DPI may be too sensitive.  This is the reason why some top gaming mice have a capture function. You can quickly switch the DPI setting while playing games, and then search for how to use DPI button on the mouse on Google.

In the case where the mouse has a DPI button, it simply means that you can change the speed of the mouse screen during the flight by basically extrusion software to discuss the Logitech G HUB programming software.  Most mice that have committed to DPI capture have preset DPI arrangements.  Regular programming will allow you to change the DPI preset according to the customer's wishes.  However, most of the mice that perform DPI capture will usually be preset in three speeds; 600 dpi, standard (800 dpi), fast (1200 dpi or higher). 

To be precise, these DPI estimates will fluctuate due to production, but once you press the DPI button there is little chance, then move the mouse, you should immediately see the opportunity in the actual mouse development and the distance of the mouse movement. The time displayed on the screen depends on the corresponding number of minutes.

Gamer DPI adjustment:

How to use DPI button on mouse

If you are a real game player, then you really know what I am talking about! If you are a real player and have played these games, please comment below! Based on these recommendations, you will see that the 16000 DPI mouse has become more meaningless to these games.  However, because of their ability to move settings with only a captured amount of pressing, they can be very acceptable when playing various types of games.  This means that you can undoubtedly focus on the accuracy of the entire emotionality within the time you need.

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How can we analyze the DPI of mouse:

You can use the online DPI checker. You can use the online DPI parser to check the computer mouse DPI. You can actually discover your mouse DPI opportunity to estimate our value. To use it, you initially need to enter the Windows mouse settings (Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Mouse) and capture them on the "Pointer Options" tab.  Cancel the "Enhanced Pointer Accuracy" because this acceleration will bring unimportant estimates.

DPI Analyzer: 

Final words:

If these methods do not settle your problem, we recommend using recovery repair tools, which can filter the warehouse to make a bad record.  This is the function of a rule because the framework is devalued and the problem is initiated. Restoro will also enhance your framework to achieve maximum execution. Click here to download Restoro.

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How to use DPI button on mouse

Most expert gamers use DPI settings in the 400 and 800 range.  You may want a higher DPI to mean more accuracy, but this is not the situation.  Your mouse keeps track of its condition 500 to 1,000 times per second, but the DPI setting allows you to calibrate those quantities that follow the mouse control.  Indeed, even in a lower DPI setting, the mouse can also keep all this information and you will not lose any accurate location.  I believe that this article provides you with some potential technologies, you should try them independently, and you are absolutely effective in using the DPI button on the mouse. Keep in mind that every odd producer and mouse has very little dedicated driver programming software.  However, it is worth a try, you do not need to make customized improvements or changes.  We hope this article can help you how to use the DPI button on mouse.  Keep in mind that DPI is adaptable - you don't need to stick to a setting and try to submit various options for various changes.  If you have this problem, please comment below (how to use DPI button on the mouse).

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