Top 10 Bluetooth Mouse for Mac without Dongle 2021

Bluetooth Mouse for Mac without Dongle

Are you interested in having the most adorable and ergonomic Bluetooth mouse for your mac? We all know that technology has become faster than in past era and it is growing up faster with the passage of time.

The main fast-growing invention in the history of the world is Computer technology and when we talk about the computer then we go for its components such as keyboard, mouse, mic, webcam, etc. For Making our setup more adorable and good we have to buy the most good-looking wireless Bluetooth mouse for mac without a dongle.

1. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse


Ergonomic Comfort Grip Design:

The Grip and comfort of this mouse are an advanced ergonomic design that is perfectly sculpted and also has a handcrafted shape that supports your hand and wrist in a comfortable and natural position.

Its design is very satisfactory and comfortable. It has 7-programmable buttons, you can set them up according to your need.

Dual Connectivity:

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse is very significant because it comes with dual connectivity which uses up to 3 Windows or Mac Computers via Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology or Unifying Receiver. 

It is the main feature of this mouse that helps us in working.

Auto-shift scrolling:

Scrolling of Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse is auto-shift scrolling. It has an adaptive scroll wheel that can auto shifts on the fly from click to click to hyper-fast scrolling and its wireless operating distance are 10 meters. You can scroll easily and efficiently through web pages or documents.

Battery (Rechargeable) – 70 days:

The battery of this computer mouse is also reasonable because you can work up to 70 days on a single charge. Its battery comes with the rechargeable power of Li-Po 500mAh. I won’t be wrong if I call this mouse the best Bluetooth mouse for mac without a dongle.


  1. 👍 Highly Comfortable
  2. 👍 Extremely Customizable
  3. 👍 Long-Lasting Battery 
  4. 👍 Logitech Flow Software swaps up to 3 devices Seamlessly


  1. 👎 A little Bit Heavy 

2. Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse


Shape & Design:

Its design is very adorable because of its shape. Its design is modern, slim, and beautiful because of its pebble shape. It has stand-out simplicity with an adorable design that is nice to hold. This mouse feels great in your hands. It is easy to carry around this mouse.

Noise reduction:

Logitech Pebble Mouse has a noise reduction function. The scrolling of the mouse is also ultra-quiet. You can enjoy the same click feel with over 90% of noise reduction on the sound of a click.


You can connect the mouse way you like via Bluetooth Wireless technology or via a USB Receiver. Bluetooth technology of this mouse is better than the USB Receiver.

High Precision Tracking:

It is also the main function of this mouse that it has high precision optical tracking. It means it will tracks accurately and fast than the other mouses.

Battery Life – 1.5 years:

Logitech Pebble M350 has long battery life. Its battery can stay powered for up to 18 months. It contains single AA (Alkaline) battery.


  • 👍 Portable
  • 👍 Excellent Performance
  • 👍 Great for the Grip of Fingertip


  • 👎 No Customization

3. Logitech M535 Bluetooth Mouse


Design & Display:

Logitech Mouse is the most famous brand in the world. Logitech has launched Logitech M535 Bluetooth Mouse which design is like a Mobile. You can slip the comfortable M535 mouse into your pocket or laptop bag so you have it anywhere you want to need it.

Ergonomic Shape:

M535 mouse comes in an ergonomic shape. It is comfortable and has a curved shape for righty or lefty. Its sides have rubber grips that keep your hand comfortable even after hours to hours of use.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

You can use it with virtually any Bluetooth Enabled PC, laptop, or tablet and also connects with Mac, Windows, Chrome OS as well as Android.

Navigation Controls:

The more convenient for individuals and households. It uses the convenient controls-Navigation buttons and a scroll wheel that puts controls in the palm of your hands.

Long Battery Life – 10 months:

The battery life in this is also reasonable because you can work for 10 months which helps you go longer. It will lead you to long time work. The battery life of this computer the mouse may vary based on the user and computing conditions.


  • 👍 Scroll on both sides vertically and horizontally
  • 👍 Design for both versions of hand
  • 👍 Smart Bluetooth Technology
  • 👍 Comfortable Even After the use of hour


  •  👎 Bad performance on reflective surfaces

4. Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse


Design & Display:

Logitech M557 mouse is the best Bluetooth mouse for mac without a dongle on the list. Its design is slim and smart. It is made for both versions whether you are a righty or lefty. It is up to you to use a fingertip or palm grip. Logitech M557 is always a perfect fit for mac or MacBook.

Scrolling and Controls:

This mouse is equipped with programmable buttons. You can configure the buttons to do exactly what you want. Configure the programmable buttons according to your need like switching various applications, opening browsers, games, or jump to full screen while enjoying videos.

Scrolling of this device is also side to side. You can scroll up and down through documents and drag the wheel button of the mouse left and right to move back and forth between various web pages, opening applications, and windows, etc.

Advanced Smart Bluetooth Wireless Technology:

Logitech M557 mouse is an advanced Bluetooth connectivity device. You can use it with virtually any Bluetooth Enabled Computer, laptop, or tablet. Also Connects to Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, Unix, and Android.

Battery Life – 1 year:

The battery life in this mouse is about 1 year on normal use. The reason behind this Long lasting battery is its functions and features. It supports Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later versions and Chrome OS.


  • 👍 Battery Life So Good
  • 👍 Advanced Smart Bluetooth Technology 
  • 👍 Customization Buttons



  • 👎 No Dongle

5. Logitech MX Master 3 Bluetooth Mouse

The MX Master 3 combines the comfort of a wireless mouse with customization for getting work done. Logitech's software makes it easy to set five programmable buttons and thumb scroll wheel as shortcuts, such as taking screenshots or controlling media.

The newer MX Master 2S is more comfortable and has better button placement. It also offers smoother scrolling with faster USB-C charging, making it perfect for long spreadsheets or work presentations where you need to be on the go.

 The new model can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or by using a Unifying USB adapter that comes included in your purchase package; additionally, this mouse supports connections to up to three computers at once so switching between them becomes easier than ever before-- all of which makes working from anywhere even simpler.

The Logitech MX Master 2S is almost as good and still available for $75. At $100, it's expensive but worth it due to the mouse also supporting the Flow feature that lets you move your cursor between computers on the same network.


👍 Bluetooth Mouse

👍 3 Buttons

👍 Comfortable


👎 Bit Low DPI

6. Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball Mouse

This is a logitech ergo m575 wireless trackball mouse. It is used for people who have wrist problems and need to move their hand less while using a computer. The logitech ergo m575 wireless trackball mouse helps you work more efficiently by letting you control the cursor from any distance within 18 feet of the receiver, without moving your arm or wrist. You can even use it on a couch or bed with its wireless freedom, making it ideal for watching movies, surfing the web and reading documents with ease.

The trackball seems to get overlooked but, going by the comments on this story, that's a big mistake. Options like the $91 Logitech MX Ergo and the $33 Kensington Orbit offer more comfort but it offers you with control over movement of your cursor as well as providing options for different surfaces to use them on.

The Logitech Ergo M575 is a wireless trackball with interchangeable grips and Bluetooth or USB-A connectivity. It's ergonomic, affordable, sturdy--but the MX Ergos are better if you want to connect multiple devices at once.


👍 Comportable

👍 5 Buttons

👍 Bluetooth Mouse


👎 Low DPI

👎 Not For Gaming

7. Asus Portable Wireless Bluetooth Mouse


Design & Display:

Asus is the most trusted brand. Asus has launched its Wireless Bluetooth Mouse. Its design is modern and sleek. It is a portable device. It is the pocket-size mouse not only looks smart also comes with a non-slipper rubber grip on each side of the mouse. It is also super convenient to use and it offers the smart leatherette pouch for on-the-go work and plays.

Dual Wireless Connectivity:

It has strong connectivity that can pair the gaming mouse to your computer as well as your laptop. You can use it via Bluetooth or the 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver.


Asus wireless mouse features a PMW3330 7200 DPI rate optical sensor also with 150 IPS Tracking Speed. It includes the pre-installed 50M click Switches in an exclusive socket design and it also gives the 2 replacement switches.

Battery Life – 400+ Hours:

 The battery life of the Asus wireless Mouse is above 400 hours. You can enjoy more than sixteen days on a single full charge. If you are a gamer then enjoy the exceptional battery life at 300+ hours.



  • 👍 Comfortable Even After Hours 
  • 👍 Snappable & Durable
  • 👍 Excellent in Games 
  • 👍 Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity of 2.4 GHz



When you’re gaming on the go, every gram counts. The Razer Orochi V2 is designed to give you an unfair advantage by shaving off unnecessary weight for seamless control when gaming on the go. Plus, its portable design gives you a much smaller footprint than other full-size mice so it’s easy to slip into your bag and take with you wherever your next adventure may take you.

Razer Orochi V2 Bluetooth Gaming Mouse is the perfect balance of portability and power for gaming on the go. It features a new 8200dpi 4G dual sensor system that delivers unbridled tracking performance, while its ambidextrous form factor makes it comfortable for both lefts- and right-handed gamers. The Razer Orochi V2 also comes with Chroma customizable lighting effects to match your gaming setup or style.

The Razer Orochi V2 is a gaming-grade mouse that's designed to give you the edge over your competition. It features an ergonomic, ambidextrous shape with textured rubber side grips for increased control in any situation. The 5G optical sensor tracks up to 200 inches per second and has a maximum acceleration of 50G, letting you react instantly. The mouse also features 2nd-Gen Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches engineered by Razer with durable switches rated for up to 60 million keystrokes.


👍 For Gamers
👍 18K DPI
👍 950hrs Battery Life
👍 Bluetooth Mouse


👎 Just Disconnecting Issues

9. Logitech M720 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse


Design & Display:

The design of this mouse is a Marathon Endurance. It is called a true athlete. The Logitech M720 is designed to endure with buttons built up to 10000000 clicks. It contains cross-computer control which helps in game-changing capacity to navigate through on three different computers. Its buttons are customizable like copy-pasting text, images, or files from one place to another using the feature of Logitech Flow.

Fast Scrolling:

The scrolling in this mouse you are going to get is hyper-fast scrolling. You can scroll through long documents and web pages faster using this mouse. It also includes the function of pressing the wheel and shift-click to click mode for precision.


The connectivity of this mouse is multi. You can connect and utilize it with up to three Mac PC or Windows or Laptops via Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology also with USB Receiver. It is totally up to you that you use it via Bluetooth or USB Receiver. I would say to connect it through Bluetooth that is why you are searching for a Bluetooth mouse for mac without dongle.

Battery Life – 2 Years:

The battery life of this Bluetooth Mouse is 2 years of power in a single. It contains an AA battery which is so good.  The second one is that it works faster as compared to another Bluetooth mouses.



  • 👍 Comfort Shape 
  • 👍 Runs & Works up to three devices 
  • 👍 Dongle Storage
  • 👍 Logitech Flow Feature



  • 👎 Scrolling Wheel Bit Sensitive

10. Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Black


Display & Design:

The design of this mouse is so compact and classic. Microsoft comes in many colors. But my opinion is Matte Black. It comes in different adorable colors like Matte Black, Pastel Blue, Peach, and mint colors. It fits comfortably in your hands even after the use of an hour.


In this Microsoft uses True Wireless Freedom which connects to your Windows via Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology. In this mouse Bluetooth 5.0, LE is installed which is the latest and hyper-fast Bluetooth Technology. Connect it to your Windows or Mac Pc right out of the box when you enable the swift Pair Button.

Tracking & Precision:

It is equipped with fast tracking sensor which helps the mouse for smooth tracking on any surfaces. Navigation is also precise across various documents and web pages with a precision scroll wheel.

Battery Life:

The life span of this mouse is powered by a disposable AA battery and this mouse stays powered up more then one year from each pair of cells.



  • 👍 Comfort Grip
  • 👍 Less Price 
  • 👍 Pairing (Multi-Device)
  • 👍 Battery Health So Good  



  • 👎 NO Dpi Setting 
  • 👎 Requires Disposable Battery

Bluetooth Wireless Technology:

Bluetooth is the main benefit of the wireless mouse. With the Bluetooth option, there is no need for a dongle. You can easily run the PC without any problem. It uses the frequency for communication.

Bluetooth is the best technology for using a mac. Because with dongle the computer looks not good.

Sometimes dongle of the mouse is lost accidentally and you have to find it but with Bluetooth, there is no need to worry and look for the dongle. When we move the mouse, it uses frequencies to transmit the signals.


On the performance side, you have to look at its specifications and features I am going to discuss with you about every product. But also look at the basic features

Fast-moving scroll:

This feature helps us inscroll through long documents and web pages faster and efficiently. Because in some mouse it takes time while scrolling the web pages or docs but in this computer mouse you are going to have the feature of hyper-fast moving scroll button which will help you in the work and also in gaming.

Ergonomic and friendly design:

It is also the main factor of the mouse is that the mouse should have an ergonomic and friendly design because there are several computer mice, they do have not an ergonomic and comfortable design. After using them for a while the pain and sweat start in the hand. But in the mouses, we are going to recommend these all have an ergonomic and comfortable design. You can use them for hours and hours without sweat and pain in the hand.

Rechargeable batteries:

When we talk about wireless then it must have batteries. As it is wireless mouse also has batteries. It uses AA or AAs (Alkaline) batteries.

Adjustable DPI:

It is also the feature of the modern computer mouse. You can adjust the DPI as you want. DPI stands for Dots per linear inch. It means you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse cursor on the screen according to your need. You can use the high DPI in gaming and the low DPI in regular use.


The conclusion of the above Top 10 Bluetooth Mouse for Mac without dongle is not a single mind based, but there is the team that comes to the table and decides the best top 10 Bluetooth mouse for mac without dongle. The above computer mouses are from different brands and price ranges.

It contains both high, normal, and low range prices. The high range might be expensive while the medium and low prices of Bluetooth mice are reasonable for Mac. Now it is up to you that what type of your need is for your mac.

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How do you connect a Bluetooth mouse without a dongle?

Yes, you can use and easily connect a Bluetooth mouse without a dongle or receiver. Sometimes mouses work both ways if your mouse is wireless then it should work without a receiver via Bluetooth Technology.

 Above this article, these are mouses that can work without a dongle and you should take a look at them.

How do I connect a wireless mouse without a dongle?

Yes, you can use and easily connect a Bluetooth mouse without a dongle or receiver. Sometimes mouses work both ways if your mouse is wireless then it should work without a receiver via Bluetooth Technology.

Above this article, these are mouses that can work without a dongle and you should take a look at them.

How do I connect a wireless mouse to my mac without a USB Receiver?

Yes, you can use and easily connect a Bluetooth mouse without a dongle or receiver. Sometimes mouses work both ways if your mouse is wireless then it should work without a receiver via Bluetooth Technology.

 Above this article, these are mouses that can work without a dongle and you should take a look at them. 😊

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