Can You Use Any Mouse with a MacBook - Updated 2022

Can You Use Any Mouse with a MacBook - Updated 2022

can you use any mouse with a macbook


First of all, if you are addict to using a PC and you have now moved on to the MacBook. Then you are confused about using the trackpad of the Macbook and after that, you search for can you use any mouse with a MacBook.

The answer to this question is YES! We can use any mouse for MacBook it can be wired or wireless. When you switch to a MacBook and you worry most about the software compatibility of the mouse.

Make sure:

Just make sure that you are buying any mouse for Macbook, Before buying the mouse check its compatibility that it is compatible with your MacBook or not. Almost every mouse work with  Apple devices but most of the mouse not because of the old model or their compatibility.

Using a mouse for your MacBook instead of its Trackpad can cause less effort and fatigue in work such as 3D modeling, Adobe PhotoShop or Gaming, etc.

We recommend the best mouse for MacBook and you can easily pair any mouse with your MacBook without any USB receiver or dongles.

How can we connect any mouse with a Macbook?

can you use any mouse with a macbook

We can easily connect our mouse to Macbook in a few different ways and you have to just follow the simple steps to connect the mouse with your MacBook.

Via USB Receiver:


Take a Receiver of your mouse and plug it into the USB port of the MacBook.


Turn ON the mouse. MacBook will automatically detect your Mouse and keep it working. If you do not have the receiver then you can continue with Step-3.

Via Bluetooth:

can you use any mouse with a macbook


On your MacBook navigate to the Apple menu and select the System Preferences and there you will see the Bluetooth Menu.


Tap on the Bluetooth option and Switch On Bluetooth.


There you will see the list of Bluetooth devices that are currently active.


Just simply click on the Mouse Device you want to connect. It will pair it in seconds and your mouse will be working via Bluetooth (Mouse).

We hope you have found the solution of Can you use any mouse with a MacBook?

Can you use any wireless mouse with a MacBook?

can you use any mouse with a macbook

Yes! why not. According to Apple Support, if your wireless mouse came with the new macOS. We can use any Apple device to the other Apple Device. We need to just separately pair the device via Bluetooth. If your device came with the device then it will be already paired.

For Example:

If you buy Apple Pad and it came with the Apple Pen then Apple Pen will be already paired, You have not to separately pair it.

All non-Apple devices should work with the MacBook and you should have not to worry that it will not work. It will work if you consider some things related to mouse⇩


You just have to consider that you can use any mouse with your MacOs if your device is compatible with macOS. If your mouse is not compatible with your MacOs then you can't use the mouse in your MacBook. Today most of the devices come with various compatibility such as Windows OS, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, etc.

How can you use Logitech wireless Mouse with Apple MacBook?

can you use any mouse with a macbook

Yes! we can use a Logitech mouse with an Apple MacBook pro. Unless the device (Mouse) is not supported to your MacBook. If you are facing any problem while connecting the mouse with the MacBook comment down below. Our team will help you with your issue.

If you are confused while using a hardware device then you should navigate to this site page

Why the Mouse still not working on MacBook?

Sometimes you want to connect the mouse but somehow it does not work. We also have the solution for that issues. You just have to implicate the fixes.

Damaged Mouse:

Your mouse can be damaged or damaged part. You should replace the mouse or part. The damaged mouse can cause the effects like freezing, disconnecting, random movement, etc. 

Weird Noises:

Sometimes it happens that the mouse starts making weird noises like high pitches sound or it changes when the cursor of the mouse moves. Then you should have to clean the mouse sensor.

Old Mouse:

If your mouse is still not working on the MacBook then your mouse could be an old model. The old model may be not working on Macbook because it no longer supports the MacBook. If you are using the Magic mouse then we recommend, go to the Apple Manufacturer Support site.

Reset your Mouse:

You can reset your mouse. Resetting the mouse will bring more smoothness and sensitivity. There are the following steps that you should follow to get the answer to can you use any mouse with a MacBook:

  1. Turn on the mouse
  2. Hold down the reset button for five seconds.
  3. The light of the mouse will blink.

When the light will blink its mean is that your mouse is fully reset. After following the procedure if your mouse is not reset yet. Then here is the solution how do you reset a Logitech Mouse.

Our site:

As our site is related to mice, if you face any problem or issue then we all have solutions for that. You can comment down below if you face any issues. Our team is always here to help you.

After that, you are now a ninja of hardware and we hope you have found the best information about Can you use any mouse with a MacBook.

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