12 Best Wireless Mouses for Photo Editing - Reviews 2021

 Best Wireless Mouse for Photo Editing

4 Best Wireless Mouse for Photo Editing - Reviews 2021

Your computer mouse is the necessary element for photo editing as well as video editing. If you take the task of clicking photos seriously then you always need the high-quality necessary tools i.e computer mouse.

Yet, if you approve of photo editing and enhancing, it definitely makes sense to buy the best wireless mouse for photo editing you can manage besides.

With this mindset, we would suddenly suggest ergonomics first. A computer mouse that fits well in the hand as well as advertises great palm and wrist, as well as arm pose, might well make the difference in between years of comfort photo editing vs the onset of pains and pains attack by a basic simple computer mouse without an ergonomic layout.

Without further talking, I am going to show you the best wireless mouse for photo editing.

1. Logitech MX Master 3

4 Best Wireless Mouse for Photo Editing - Reviews 2021

Product Review

I have put this wireless mouse in the first of the list because it fits perfectly in your hand. This is a unique model from Logitech because of its characteristics and features. This computer mouse is a very ergonomic and comfortable body made of high-quality materials.

It contains the sweat-absorbing material that absorbs the sweat coming from your hand. It means you can go longer for work even hours of hours without getting disturbed. The shape is extraordinarily designed that fits in your hand perfectly.

It adopts a high optical sensor for precise tracking. You can track the mouse even on the surface of the glass. It also adopts a number of buttons that help in utilizing the PC more easily.


  • DPI: 4000     
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Life: 240 h  
  • Buttons: 5 
  • Interface: Bluetooth - USB Wireless Receiver 
  • Orientation: Right-Handed


  1. πŸ‘ Extreme Customizing
  2. πŸ‘ Smart Design
  3. πŸ‘ Ability to connect 3 devices at a time
  4. πŸ‘ Long time working


  1. πŸ‘Ž A bit heavy

2. Logitech G602

4 Best Wireless Mouse for Photo Editing - Reviews 2021

Product Review

Logitech G602 seems to be a gaming mouse but it is without RGB lighting. It is made out of solid plastic material having a matte effect. One of the great features is that it has an excellent sensor performance. Your movements are detected when you reposition your mouse.

If you are a palm grip user it is best for you because it is slightly inclined. The great thing is that it has a thumb rest.

It comes with a Receiver extender Cable, USB receiver, and Manuals. It has disposable batteries. To make it lighter it can also be operated with a single battery.

It can work with Windows as well as Mac OS.


  • DPI: 2500 
  • Color: Black     
  • Battery Life: 250 h    
  • Buttons: 12    
  • Interface: USB Wireless Receiver     
  • Orientation: Right-Handed


  1. πŸ‘ Comfortable to use
  2. πŸ‘ Great Build Quality
  3. πŸ‘ Compatible with any hand
  4. πŸ‘ Strong and easy grip


  1. πŸ‘Ž A bit bulky

3. Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse

4 Best Wireless Mouse for Photo Editing - Reviews 2021

Product Review

We know that photo editing is a time-consuming job. To work with comfort it is necessary to have an ergonomic mouse so that you can be saved from twinge and aches. It has very good tracking sensors. you can use this mouse on any surface.

Although its design is not as premium, its price is very low compared to others, which is a great deal.
It has a metal wheel which is perfect for web surfing. Also, it has two buttons that respond very well.

This mouse is wired so you need to pair it up with a desktop computer. Two batteries are required for it to work. It contains no liquid contents. It does not have a charging light.

4 Best Wireless Mouse for Photo Editing - Reviews 2021


  • DPI: 1000   
  • Color: Black     
  • Battery Life: 250 h    
  • Buttons: 2    
  • Interface: USB, Wired    
  • Orientation: Right-Handed


  1. πŸ‘ Cheap Price compared to others
  2. πŸ‘ Smart and ergonomically Designed
  3. πŸ‘ Tracking Sensor is brilliant


Product Review

It is a very ultra ergonomic choice for a long-term editing session. You need to rotate and position your hand accordingly and Anker AK-UBA offers this position very well. It offers a healthy "Handshake" position and is super comfy.

It has Next and previous buttons to facilitate. It can work on any surface smoothly. The angle for holding is 33-45 degrees clockwise. It reduces wrist bending and allows your hand to be in a natural position.

The battery is not required for it to operate as it is a wireless version.  Suitable for all hand sizes.
The best part is it has a lifetime technical support warranty. It has a high DPI perfect for tracking.

4 Best Wireless Mouse for Photo Editing - Reviews 2021


  • DPI: 1600   
  • Color: Black     
  • Battery Life: 250 h    
  • Buttons: 5    
  • Interface: Wireless, USB    
  • Orientation: Right-Handed


  1. πŸ‘ High DPI sensor
  2. πŸ‘ Reasonable Price
  3. πŸ‘ Vertical Design


  1. πŸ‘Ž No cons

5. Logitech MX Master

MXMaster is a mouse from Logitech, which many users have already called the best computer mouse for Photoshop. With its advanced technological features like Bluetooth connectivity and customizable functions, it provides unparalleled comfort to users while enhancing their productivity.

This unique photo editing mouse has a very comfortable and ergonomic body made of quality materials. The mouse is equipped with many buttons, commands reassigned through special software, adaptive inertial scrolling capabilities to work on any surface for added convenience.

Instead of using the traditional wired mouse for photo editing, this wireless MXMaster is a more efficient choice. With its great sensor and technical features, it also has many advantages when compared to other mice on the market that are suited only for work-related tasks such as typing numbers or spreadsheets.

There is no difference between the second and third generation of Apple's mouse, so make sure to pay more if you want one.


πŸ‘ Battery 240 h
πŸ‘ Buttons 5
πŸ‘ Long working time
πŸ‘ Looks great


πŸ‘Ž Some Problems with Bluetooth Connectivity

6. Logitech G300s Mouse

The G300s model of the mouse turned out to be very interesting. Furthermore, its creators moved side buttons up top and got rid of a common problem with ambidextrous mice: their inability to utilize all buttons under your thumb.

When it comes to image editing, you need a mouse that's comfortable and durable. The Redragon M601 gaming Mouse sports not only both of these features but also has some nice additional perks like an adjustable 2500 DPI sensor for precision tracking and on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments. All this is available in under 50 dollars.

This mouse is quite popular among users due to its advantageous features. However, one of the disadvantages for some people is that it won't be suitable if they have large palms and require a bit more time getting used to having the sensor shifted toward the center.


πŸ‘ Buttons 9 
πŸ‘ Small Size
πŸ‘ Work with both the right and left hand


πŸ‘Ž Low DPI

8. Corsair Scimitar Mouse

Corsair's Scimitar mouse is a creative product specifically designed for gamers. It also makes an excellent choice as the best option to use with graphic editors, like Photoshop and Illustrator, thanks to its ergonomic design that can be easily customized through software.

The side unit with 12 buttons raised some questions. You can only adjust it using the included screwdriver, which is very inconvenient and often gets lost.

This mouse wire is very soft, pliable, and has a fabric braid. It's easy to unbend and quickly remembers the given form. They are available in many Razer mice! If you're looking for an excellent option for your photo editing needs, this one works great because it provides anti-kink protection at the outlet so that they can be located above carpets rather than sticking to them.


πŸ‘ 14 Buttons
πŸ‘ 12K DPI
πŸ‘ Rather heavy


πŸ‘Ž No

9. Logitech G700s Gaming Mouse

The G700s is a wireless and wired mouse that can be used on either micro USB or AA batteries. Unlike other mice, it does not interrupt its operation if you have to recharge the battery with a standard micro-USB core.

The Logitech G700s's ergonomics and low coefficient of friction make it a nice mouse for image editing tasks. After prolonged use, your hand won't get tired easily thanks to these features.

This mouse is amazing and can move on almost any surface. It's also very convenient if you don't have a desk to use it with because the cord is long enough that I'm able to work from my couch or bed without having an issue with moving around too much and disconnecting myself.


πŸ‘ 13 Buttons
πŸ‘ Battery 40 h
πŸ‘ High Laser Sensor


πŸ‘ Noisy scrolling wheel

10. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer has finally realized that multi-button manipulators are for a very narrow segment and they're not comfortable to use constantly. Replacing the magnetic side panels with different numbers or arrangements of buttons is best, so developers have come up with this feature in their latest release.

This 3-button wired mouse is great for everyday use. The side panel conveniently attaches with a magnetic lock and the body has 2 main buttons, a scrolling wheel, and an additional button on top of each clicker.

This mouse for photo editing allows users to take advantage of its customizable buttons and interchangeable sidewall panels. Users can easily create macros, which are a series of keystrokes that perform an action on command.

The mouse provides an internal memory for saving settings. You have 4 profiles available and can adjust the separation height (from 1 to 3 millimeters). This calibration allows you to adapt your mouse's operating parameters with a specific mat.


πŸ‘ 16 Buttons
πŸ‘ 16K DPI
πŸ‘ Soft Button Movement 


πŸ‘Ž Button Customization Issues

11. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple has created a device that exceeds expectations. The Magic Mouse 2 is one of the greatest mice ever designed, and it's good for Photoshop because there are no buttons to get in your way while using it with this software application.

The Magic Mouse 2 is Apple’s attempt to enter the race of creating the next great mouse. It uses a patented laser-tracking optical sensor that provides an impressive sensitivity up to 1,300 DPI; it may not be as competitive compared with other mice on this list but its 1300 DPI makes for good editing and Photoshop work.

Rather than using standard buttons, this mouse uses a multi-touch surface. The user can navigate through the system and switch between software by performing some simple gestures on it. There are complaints that the touch is too sensitive for normal mice users to become used to easily but once familiar with them they come like an instinctive behaviour.

The battery-powered mouse has no rattling parts and comes with a long lasting charge. The wireless design allows you to move around freely without being restricted by wires, allowing for more efficient use of time that would have been spent looking for the location your wireless device can reach.


πŸ‘ Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
πŸ‘ Portable
πŸ‘ Lightweight 
πŸ‘ Ergonomic Design 
πŸ‘ Rechargeable


πŸ‘Ž Expensive

12. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Mouse

One of the best mice for photo editing, Logitech G903 is a perfect fit with its design and performance. With every feature that this device has to offer, let's see why it should be on your list if you are in search for one.

The G903 features the Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor. This is a high-quality and sensitive gaming mouse that can track movement on almost any surface while providing 12000 DPI sensitivity with its toggle buttons. It also has preset sensitivities, going down to 200 for those who prefer low DPIs or are using this mouse on less demanding surfaces like cloth pads instead of hard micepads made out of plastic or metal materials which have higher friction coefficients than other surfaces (e.g.: glass).

The mouse uses mechanical switches for actuation. These are perfect for gaming, as they provide competitive speed and accuracy with a click-feel that is amazing to the user's hands.

These switches are guaranteed to have a 30-40 million click lifespan. You will never worry about your switch being unresponsive due to the accurate response time of these buttons.

With this wireless mouse, you can enjoy super-fast response times. This is possible due to its lightspeed technology - 1ms per click! It also comes with play while charging so that you don't have to stop your gameplay when the battery runs out.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a mouse that's perfect for gamers. It has an ambidextrous design and customizable button layout, which make it comfortable to use even if your hand strays from the standard grip position. Plus, its 16 000 DPI sensor helps ensure smooth tracking on almost any surface (though you can adjust this up or down). However, one drawback of owning such high-quality equipment is the price tag associated with acquiring something like this: at $79.99 USD , it costs more than most people are willing to pay for a gaming peripheral.


πŸ‘ 12K DPI
πŸ‘ Wireless Connectivity
πŸ‘ Removable Weight


πŸ‘Ž Expensive

Mouse Types:

Optical LED Mouse:

The most popular mouse for photo editing is an optical LED mouse. This type of computer accessory has high sensitivity and accuracy, a small weight (meaning it’s easy to transport), you don't need to clean it often like other types, and does not require any rugs around the workspace. However, there are some downsides: this model doesn’t work well on mirror or metal surfaces which can be frustrating if that's what your working area consists of.

The Optical Laser Mouse:

An optical laser mouse is a more high-tech version of the LED one. It uses less energy, can work even on glass or mirrors, and has greater sensitivity.

The high price is the biggest disadvantage of this product. It's best for users who need a lot of accuracies and is in narrow fields like engineers or architects might be interested in it.

Connection Types:


A wired mouse is connected to a computer via USB port. Wired mice are the best because they provide stable operation, minimal response time at an affordable price and don’t require batteries like wireless ones do. They are also resistant against electromagnetic interference which can occur when using electronics near other devices such as speakers or microwaves that emit radio waves.


There are three types of wireless connections that can be used to connect a computer: Bluetooth, infrared (IR), and WiFi.

Wireless communication is the transfer of information or power between two or more points that are not physically connected by an electrical conductor. Wireless communications networks such as cellular phones have revolutionized how we communicate with each other in modern times; however, this technology has been around for over 100 years but was limited until 2019 when it became possible to send data at higher speeds through these new technologies than previous methods. The first major development regarding radio came in 1890 from Guglielmo Marconi who demonstrated long-distance telegraphy without connecting wires using Morse Code signals transmitted across Salisbury Plain near Stonehenge .

Radio channel:

The most common type of wireless communication, radio channel allows you to work in a large radius. Obstacles from the place of work don’t matter much because it can reach several tens meters away. The kit comes with a USB receiver through which the signal is transmitted from your mouse onto your computer screen.


Wireless connection. Similar to radio channels, Bluetooth can be used for connecting devices within a radius of about 10 meters.


The mouse has a battery that lasts much longer when connected to Wi-Fi.

Body Type:


Photoshop mice are designed for right-handed people. In fact, the additional buttons under the thumb of your right hand make it more convenient. However, symmetry is suitable for both hands but it's less convenient because you have to switch up and down between them depending on what action you want to perform with each hand.

Symmetrical for Left-Handed:

The symmetrical design of the mouse allows left-handed and right-handed people to use it. With both buttons on either side, this version is a more accessible option for those who are ambidextrous or have dexterity issues with their hands.


This type of image editing mouse is characterized by an anatomical shape that most accurately simulates the natural bend of the palm (smooth outline of the body, the presence of hollows under the fingers). Such a mouse is comfortable for the hand as it reduces tension and can become a great addition to your computer for a graphic design setup. Most models are for right-handers.

Number of Buttons:

If you're looking for the best mouse for photo editing, it's important that a model has enough buttons to provide easy access and control. However, more is not always better when it comes to this feature: A growing number of buttons means an increase in price as well as dimensions which complicates using them.

This indicator ranges from 1-10 or more in different models. The More Buttons are present, the broader functionality Mouse is especially relevant if need Best Photo Editing At the same time, Growing Number Button Means Price Dimensions will increase.

The number of buttons on a mouse is typically either two or three. Mice with less than 2 have become outdated in recent years, but mice that come standard now often include 3 buttons along with the scroll wheel (2 regulars and one for scrolling). Advanced models can contain 4-9+ additional keys making them the perfect choice for gamers as well as users who need to run applications/programs frequently.


The touch-sensitive surface on the best photo editing mouse replaces common features like a scroll wheel and individual buttons. Not only does this make navigation easier, but it also makes scrolling through images much simpler when something goes wrong with your typical software functions. This feature is typically available in models of silent mice that are often used by digital photographers for work purposes.

Programmable buttons allow you to assign various functions to the key using special programs, such as navigating in a browser or launching programs. This saves time by allowing users not having switch from the keyboard for photo editing and vice versa because it is typically available on silent mouse models.

The DPI switch button adjusts the resolution (sensitivity) of your mouse. This means that it changes how quickly or slowly you can move around on a screen and is useful for different situations, such as when working with multiple tasks at once where some might require more precision than others. It's also very helpful if you're playing an MMO game because this allows players to change their cursor speed depending on what they are doing in-game without having to do any extra work! These buttons often come with indicators showing exactly which sensitivity value has been selected so there won't be any confusion about whether the feature is activated or not."

The adjustable body allows you to change its shape and parameters with removable panels. The user can adjust the length, width, height of the device in order to suit their preferences as well as adapt it for different types of games. These models are a great option for advanced gamers because they allow them more flexibility while playing.

With a weight adjustment, you can change the amount of force needed to make your mouse move across the screen. This is important for gamers because they need very precise control over their movements and have different preferences about how much effort it takes. On Mac or PC, this feature allows between 20-40g adjustments so that each person can find what works best for them personally by experimenting with lighter or heavier weights without having to buy another mouse entirely.

To signal problems and indicate the current DPI resolution, some models of mice have a backlight. The light serves as decoration but can also act as an indicator for issues with your mouse or connection. On entry-level mice under 100$, this feature is usually absent so that it doesn't affect performance at all costs.

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